Twice the pest control in a single product.

New DoubleTake® insecticide delivers double duty on a broad spectrum of insect pests from worms to beetles. A multicrop insect growth regulator product that also attacks the nervous system, no insecticide offers more protection for soybeans from a variety of insect pests including kudzu bug, brown marmorated stink bug and other pests. DoubleTake also provides control of several important insect pests on cotton, peanut and pepper crops.

Double your efforts with DoubleTake:

  • Two modes of action–attacks the nervous system AND has IGR effects
  • Effective on eggs AND adults and everything in between
  • Proven efficacy AND broad-spectrum control including armyworms, bean leaf beetles, pepper weevils, three-cornered alfalfa hoppers, European corn borer and more
  • Targets brown marmorated stink bugs AND kudzu bugs
  • Improved plant health AND yield enhancement benefits in peanuts and soybeans